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Why it Pays to Entrust Electric or Hybrid Car Repairs to Manufacturer Approved, Electric Vehicle Trained Specialists

It can't have escaped your attention that the age of the electric car has well and truly arrived. 

A year ago, experts were predicting that as many as 200,000 electric or hybrid models would be on Britain's roads by the end of 2018

As we head out onto the road in early 2019, it seems those predictions have certainly come true. Once a rarity in a world full of diesel and petrol models, the electric or hybrid model is fast becoming a familiar sight up and down the country. Not that anyone should be too surprised by that. 

Producing zero exhaust emissions, or other dangerous pollutants, electric and hybrid cars are the ideal option for the eco-conscious driver, but that isn't the only reason more and more people are going electric than ever before. 

More economical than their fossil-fueled counterparts, cars by the likes of Tesla, BMW and Nissan are also exempt from certain taxes aimed at offsetting the environmental damage of British motoring. 

Plus, they're a lot easier to manage. Or at least, they are until something goes wrong. 

After all, while electric and hybrid cars may offer a whole host of benefits, the complex engineering and the inclusion of advanced, next-generation technology makes them much trickier -not to mention much more dangerous- to fix than your average petrol or diesel model. 

Sure, your average bodyshop may be inclined to have a go at getting your electric vehicle back on the road, but the truth is that doing so without having the proper manufacturer training and equipment could do more harm than good, and not just to your car. 

Whether you already own an electric or hybrid model, or you're simply thinking of buying one in the future, there's a few things you need to know about why it's so important that you entrust any repair work to a fully trained professional.

Repairing an electric car can be dangerous 

Electrics and hybrids contain high-powered circuits, many running more than three times the usual 230 volts in your household mains supply. If not handled carefully by a trained technician who really knows what they're doing, one wrong move could cause electrocution or a serious fire. 

In 2016, Steve Nash, the head of the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) warned against the dangers of untrained mechanics working on electric models, saying

“Sooner or later somebody is going to attempt to do something they shouldn’t do and they are going to fry themselves. That will either be the person working on it who gets a 600- or 700-volt shock or it might be a member of the public exposed to a fire risk. 

“It’s that serious. It’s not scaremongering. It’s real.” While there's always the chance that your car could leave your local bodyshop without causing such irrefutable harm, it does increase the risk that something could go dangerously wrong somewhere down the line, putting yourself and your loved ones in danger. 

Working with a manufacturer approved electric and hybrid car repairer could save you more in the long run 

Taking your Tesla Model X, BMW i3 or your Honda EV Concept into a manufacturer approved repair centre who has expert technicians trained to deal with it can actually end up saving you money on future repairs.

Without specialist knowledge of today's leading models, your average neighbourhood bodyshop may overlook vital details that could mean your car ultimately breaks down again in the not so distant future, meaning another trip to the bodyshop and, yes, more money and inconvenience. 

Take it to a manufacturer approved bodyshop, however, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car is in the capable hands of an expert who will get the job done right the first time, every time. 

Lifetime Guarantee Available on All Electric and Hybrid Repairs at MG Cannon

Officially warranty approved by Tesla, Honda, BMW, Nissan and other leading electric car manufacturers, MG Cannon are fully equipped and fully trained to deal with electric and hybrid repairs safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

What's more, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all repairs and paint work maintaining your cars residual value and body warranty, whilst also ensuring your car will protect you again in another future accident. 

For a free, no-obligation estimate on bodywork for your electric / hybrid model, or to find out more about how MG Cannon can help keep your car running at its best, contact us online today mgcannon.com or call:

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