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Haynes Motor Museum MG Cannon Customer Facing Meeting

Motor Museum Experience for MG Cannon Customer Facing Team

We recently held our first Customer Experience Conference at The Haynes International Motor Museum, Sparkford, Somerset. A fitting venue for our team to meet, share advice, learn from each other, and hear invaluable cross-industry relevant advice from an external speaker.

The meeting brought together our Customer Advisors and Drivers from our Bodyshop and Magic sites. It was an opportunity for them to share information and ideas, identify future obstacles, and ensure all customer facing staff are aligned with the Company’s brand strategy.

Delegates were welcomed by Robert Snook (Group Director), with facilitation by Juliet Harris (Group Brand Manager) and Alex Oram (Regional Brand Manager). As a dynamic and forward-thinking business, we believe it is imperative to gain an injection of new ideas from outside our industry. With this in mind, we invited guest speaker Chris Lloyd-Jones (British Airways) to deliver an outside perspective on best practice with customer service.

His message focused on customer experience and delivery of the brand promise. He explained how there are a series of ‘moments that matter’ to a customer and how similar MG Cannon are to British Airways in that the customer facing staff, be it cabin crew or customer advisors and drivers are increasingly the only face to face contact the customer has, so they are responsible for the moments that matter and deliver the brand promise that pushes their brand to provide a first-class experience in an increasingly competitive market for both brands.

Robert comments, “The interaction of the team was an outstanding example of our brand culture and Company ethos. From the minute they walked in to the minute they left, every person was engaged, interactive and a credit to MG Cannon”.

The day concluded with a museum tour to remind ourselves that products and brands that don’t change, don’t meet market demands, and don’t prepare for the future - end up in museums. Our team left fully confident that we have a sound and sustainable strategy; and that they are key to building our brand with our customers and business partners.

The museum boasts the UK's largest collection of the greatest cars from around the world, with over 400 amazing cars and bikes from the dawn of motoring in the late 1800's through nostalgic classics to world renowned super cars like the Jaguar XJ220.

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