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2020 Set to be a Landmark Year for Electric and Hybrid Cars

Traditionally, New Year's Resolutions have always been about ditching bad habits or dropping a few pounds, but for many people, 2020's arrival marks a commitment to a goal of a different kind.

According to The Telegraph, 57% of respondents to a survey by Good Energy revealed that they were taking steps towards cleaner, greener living in the year ahead.

For some, those steps may involve reducing their meat consumption or increasing their recycling efforts, though if recent sales figures are anything to go by, many more are taking things a step further by ditching their old cars for more fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly options.

Data recently released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed that sales of diesel cars in the UK dropped by -21.8% in 2019, with just 583,000 cars registered in the entire year. Meanwhile, sales of alternatively-fuelled vehicles such as EVs (electric vehicles) and hybrids grew by over 20%. 

Yet car-buyers aren't the only ones driving the change towards eco-friendly transportation. Experts suggest that we'll see more leading automotive brands stepping up their eco-friendly game over the coming year.

"There are around 50 plug-in models to choose from today, but that is about to increase by 34 more new models in 2020, and a further 160 again in 2021," said SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes. 

Leading the way is the BMW Group. Described by Forbes as "the world's most sustainable car manufacturer," the German-based brand have already made numerous headlines in the first few weeks of 2020 for strengthening their commitment to eco-efficient manufacturing. 

Along with being the first car manufacturer to join the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, BMW also earned acclaim for revamping their best-selling BMW i3 compact electric car, upgrading the in-car experience using recycled and sustainable materials.

In late 2019, the brand also caused a stir when it was announced that they would be discontinuing their B57 Quad-Turbo Diesel Engine to focus more of their attention on EVs and hybrid models.

This follows the 2017 announcement from Volvo that it would be winding down production on all petrol and diesel cars and move solely into the production of electric and hybrid designs, a move which has seen the company give the likes of Tesla, the popular Nissan Leaf, and the aforementioned BMW i3 a serious run for their money.

It's this ongoing demand for alternatively fuelled vehicles that has inspired our own work here at MG Cannon, ensuring we are set-up to provide exceptional service to the growing number of electric and hybrid car owners we receive at our award-winning bodyshops. From a minor knock or scuff right through to major accident repairs, we are trained, equipped and approved to safely repair hybrid and electric vehicles from all brands.

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