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How to Look After Your Car While It's Not Being Used

Advice for Car-Owners During Covid-19

Since we’ve all been doing our part by staying home and staying safe, our cars have been sitting out on the driveway, barely touched and barely moved. 

While that may be saving you a small fortune in fuel, leaving your car untouched for a long time can lead to any number of problems, meaning it may need to be brought in for a service just to get it safely back on the road again. 

With that in mind, here’s our expert advice on how to keep your car in tip-top condition while it’s out of use.

1. Clean Inside and Out 

Though driving to your local car wash is inadvisable right now, there's nothing to say you can't give your car a thorough clean providing your car is on your own private property and you can practice safe social distancing.

Using a quality soap to clean the outside before treating it to a wax and polish will keep the body in good condition, 

Cleaning the inside, consider all the surfaces you touch regularly—these may include steering wheels, door handles, keys, handbrakes, gear shifts, seat belts, centre consoles, window buttons, infotainment and dashboard controls.

Caution however many of the cleaners recommended to fight coronavirus can ‘ruin plastic, vinyl, and bleach out interior fabrics. So would suggest staying away from products contacting bleach, hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. 

Cleaning products that contain alcohol are generally safe for the interiors and most fabrics – if unsure check your vehicles owner manual.

If you don’t have proper cleaning materials, then soap and water should do the trick.

2. Double-Check Everything is Turned Off

Radios, sat-navs and sidelights can be easily overlooked, causing a major drain on your battery, so be sure to go through everything and check that it's been fully switched off.

3. Check and Inflate Tyres

Left unused for a long time, your car’s tyres will slowly start to lose pressure, resulting in problems once you finally get back on the road, so take the time to check whether those tyres are at the recommended air pressure level. You can find where this level should be in your vehicle handbook, in the inside of your fuel-cap, or by talking to the manufacturer. 

If they're not where they should be, now is a good time to inflate them. If you don't have an appropriate tool for the job, order an inexpensive digital tyre inflator online rather than driving to a garage to use their inflator.

4. Protect Your Battery

By far the biggest problem with leaving a car unused for a long time is that its battery will lose all charge and end up completely flat. To prevent this, consider starting your car at least once a week just to keep the battery charged.

You don't have to actually drive it anywhere to do this, just start the car with the handbrake on and ensure that it isn't in gear. Doing this for even a short period of time will help ensure your battery is still good to go when you are.

5. Cover Up 

If you don’t have the luxury of storing your car in your garage right now, a protective car cover will prove to be an invaluable investment. A good quality cover will protect your paintwork while at the same time keep out moisture while keeping your paintwork free from dust, dirt, and scratches.

The best part is that they can be found online for as little as £20, a small price to pay to ensure your car is still in top condition when it’s finally time to get back on the road.

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