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How We’re Preparing to Welcome You Back - COVID-19

Covid-19 Updated 16th February 2021. We Are Open & Here to Help! All six MG Cannon accident repair centres remain fully operational and open for business as usual: Dorchester / Gloucester / Plymouth / Salisbury / Swindon / Westbury. 

Whilst every effort will be made to meet your needs, we are taking precautions to minimise the risk of contributing to the spread of COVID-19 by reducing all multiple touch points wherever possible and suggesting alternative solutions to using a Courtesy Car.

Implementing a Strict Vehicle Cleaning Process

We've always taken great pride in returning your car looking and performing at its best. Now, we've taken that one step further by developing a new strict multi-step cleaning process, applying quality safety certificated sanitisation products to key touchpoints such as:

  • Hand brake or parking switch
  • Consoles
  • Gear stick or gear shift
  • Interior and exterior door handles
  • Seat belt fittings and clips
  • Steering wheel and controls
  • Carpets
  • Seats
  • Dashboards
  • Boot area
  • Vehicle keys

Introducing a Strict Vehicle Quarantine and Sanitisation Process

To alleviate risk, we've implemented a new process in which incoming cars will be quarantined until sanitised. Though this may mean that some processes take a little longer, we hope you'll appreciate why we're doing it. 

It is also now mandatory that all incoming and outgoing cars receive a thorough sanitisation using carefully selected, safety certificated products that are appropriate for that particular vehicle.

The trained employee carrying out the sanitisation of your vehicle will be wearing full PPE (personal protective equipment) including a mask, protective gloves and a coverall.

They will use a range of suitable sanitisation products to prevent damage to your vehicle and will dispose of all personal protective equipment in sealed bags afterwards.

Utilising an Atom Nebuliser for Meticulous Sanitisation 

‘People before Profit’ has been our mantra here at MG Cannon throughout this crisis, which is why we’re not content to merely wipe everything down with a cloth and normal interior cleaner and call it ‘job done’.

We’ve invested in an ultrasonic nebuliser for each site. These devices help us to ensure that every vehicle and every surface at our sites is sanitised to the finest possible level. 

Using a specially formulated Atom sanitising liquid for cars, our atom machines produce large amounts of tiny (less than five-micron) particles which are distributed via a vehicles A/C system to kill any and all micro-organisms that may be residing both inside the air conditioning ducts and on all interior surfaces.

We will use this 100% safe and odour-free process on every vehicle as a first step when it arrives with us and then complete our usual valeting process before handing the car to our customers. We're also making the most of this device to ensure that each one of our site receptions, administration offices and communal areas has been sanitised before we reopen, so that they are as clean as they possibly can be before we welcome our team and customers back.

Carrying Out Thorough Site Cleaning at all Sites 

Our rigorous cleaning processes aren’t just restricted to your vehicles. 

As excited as our staff are to get back to work, and as much as we’re looking forward to seeing our customers once again, our safety-first approach means that we won’t be inviting anybody back until each site has undergone extensive cleaning and sanitising. 

Surfaces and touchpoints in all of our public-facing and employee-only areas such as reception areas, workshops, staff and customer toilets, break facilities and offices will be subject to an extensive pre-clean prior to reopening.

Leaving nothing to chance, we'll also be pre-checking vital equipment such as air compressors, ramps and hand-tools as well as kettles, toilets and other water supplies.

Changing the Way we Receive Deliveries

Social distancing practices will be in place across all of our sites for the foreseeable future. This includes when receiving deliveries, as it is equally important to control trade visitor processes.

As well as ensuring that our team members and delivery personnel maintain an appropriate two metres distance, we'll also be asking that goods received are placed on trays and tables to prevent physical contact.

What's more, employees receiving deliveries must wear protective gloves (including, where appropriate, cut-resistant gloves), and wash their hands immediately after removing those gloves.

Once received, all deliveries (as well as any cut-resistant gloves that are used) will be placed in a sectioned-off quarantine area for a minimum of three hours before they can be handled. This will ensure our staff our protected when handling those parts or using those products in the repair of your vehicle.

Other Key Steps We're Taking to Keep You Safe

Every aspect of our operation has been modified in some way to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Along with all of the above processes, we've also implemented additional measures including providing enhanced personal protective equipment to all staff, providing each site checklists and rotas to ensure consistent adherence to the new processes, displaying new best practice signage at all sites, staggering breaks and re-setting sites to maintain social distancing.

Increasing the frequency and thoroughness of our cleaning processes

From the buttons on our telephones to desktops, door handles and everything in between, every part of our sites will be thoroughly sanitised to a strict daily cleaning rota we have provided all staff. This rota will be signed for and audited by Directors. Regular customer touch points such as Electronic Payment Terminals you use to pay via card will be disinfected after each use. So, you can be assured these processes will have just been carried out both before your arrival with us and after your departure from us ready for our next customer.

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