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MG Cannon Lifetime Guarantee

At MG Cannon every repair, every day is proudly guaranteed for life.

We certify that our expert technicians have used only genuine manufacturer parts, products and repair methods in the repair of your vehicle and that it has been repaired to the manufacturer's exacting standards.

This also ensures your future safety and reinstates your remaining vehicle manufacturer's body warranty.

Why a Non-Approved Repairer isn't Worth the Risk

Let’s face it, your car was no small investment. Whether it’s a brand-new model or one that’s been previously owned and loved, your car remains an asset of great value, and if you’re going to keep that value intact, then there’s something you should know:

No matter what your insurer may tell you, and no matter how little you may have been quoted elsewhere, it pays to use our manufacturer approved accident repair centres when something goes wrong with your vehicle.

Not genuine? Not Worth the Risk

By choosing our manufacturer approved accident repair centres you enjoy the complete confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing your repairs are carried out by trained experts, using only genuine, manufacturer-approved parts, products, processes and repair methods.

The importance of this simply can’t be understated. - Yes, a manufacturer-approved repair centre will ensure your car retains its value and impeccable performance. Yes, they’ll also ensure that your warranty is still valid, and yes, they’ll restore the and beauty of your car to its original specification, but they’ll also do something much more crucial:

Ensure your car maintains manufacturer unparalleled safety standards so that you can be sure you and your loved ones are safe and protected on every single journey.

Here’s something else you should know:

It’s Your Car: You Can Choose Who Repairs 

When something goes wrong, it's not uncommon for some insurance companies to steer customers towards their own approved repairer. Typically, this saves money, as having non-genuine parts fitted by non-approved repair centres allows them to keep their costs down.

Likewise, they may recommend that damaged panels are merely repaired, even though manufacturer approved repair methods recommend that they are replaced. Again, this may save a few pounds, but it does nothing for the integrity and safety of your vehicle.

Here's the thing:

The insurance companies can make all the recommendations they want, but you're under no obligation to work with their preferred repair centre. All insurance providers have an obligation, governed by the Financial Conduct Authority, to 'treat customers fairly.' Furthermore, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 states you do have the right to choose your own repair centre.

With that in mind, doesn't it make sense to use a manufacturer-approved repairer to ensure that all work on your car is carried out to the same high-quality standards as those on the factory line?

Doesn't it make sense to give yourself the peace of mind of knowing your family are well-protected in a car built to manufacturer safety standards?

And doesn't it make sense to have all of your car's repair work carried out by manufacturer certified experts who can make your car look, feel, and perform as well as the day you first bought it?

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