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Essential Winter Driving Safety Tips

The UK has already seen its first proper blast of wintry weather, with large parts of the country hit by snow in recent days. Snowy conditions can make driving a real challenge for motorists and can even lead to an accident. With this in mind it is crucial to prepare yourself adequately before embarking on a journey in the snow.

We’ve put together the following top tips to help you stay safe this winter.

Check the Weather and Prepare Properly

Before you go anywhere, check the weather forecast. Be mindful of conditions like ice, fog, and heavy rain. If you do have to go out in these conditions, give yourself extra time so that you can drive slower and be plenty vigilant on the road.

Plan Alternative Routes

If your normal route includes unlit country roads or challenging conditions, consider how you can get where you're going by taking a safer, better-lit option.

Use Your Lights Properly

The RAC advises turning dipped headlights on an hour before sunset and keeping them on until an hour after sunrise to ensure you're always visible to other road users.

On unlit roads, use your full beam to help you see better, but move back to dipped lights when you see another car so that you don't dazzle the driver.

Carry Out a Winter Maintenance Check

  • If you don't have time to get your car serviced, carry out your own winter maintenance checks.
  • Are your lights clean and in good working order?
  • Is your battery fully charged?
  • Are your tyres properly inflated and in good condition?
  • Invest in Quality When it Comes to Repairs

As tempting as it is to save a few quid on repairs, you really can't put a price on your safety.

At MG Cannon, not only is all the work we do manufacturer-approved, but we also provide a lifetime guarantee on all our repairs and paintwork. This maintains your car's warranty, residual value and most importantly of all, your future safety in case lightening strikes twice.

To find out more about how we can help you stay safe on the road this winter contact us today.

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