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Speedwell Honda choose and approve MG Cannon Plymouth Accident Repair Centre

MG Cannon Plymouth, accident repair centre has been chosen as Speedwell Honda’s approved paint and body repair centre covering South Devon.

Steve Cridland, Plymouth Bodyshop Manager says ‘Honda approved means our bodyshop is audited and inspected regularly against rigorous manufacturer standards, ensuring every vehicle is repaired to ‘Honda’s’ high safety and quality standards by trained professionals using genuine Honda parts and approved repair techniques that will retain the manufacturers’ warranty.’

If, you’ve had an accident, whether it’s your fault or caused by someone else, we understand you want your car repaired to the best standard possible and back on the road ASAP. We will only ever repair a Honda to one standard. The Honda standard.

MG Cannon Plymouth is equipped to carry out a whole range of repairs, from major accident damage to those annoying dents, scuffs or scratches caused by car doors and shopping trolleys.

Your insurance company may try to send you to one of their ‘approved bodyshops’, where they may not use genuine parts or repair methods. However, you do have a choice where your vehicle is repaired (Fact: The right to use your own repairer is stated in the Consumer Rights Act 2015.) So why not choose our experts that are manufacturer trained?

7 reasons to choose a ‘Honda approved’ repairer MG Cannon:

By using a Honda Approved Bodyshop, you will receive the personal service you expect from Honda. The following points underline our commitment to you as our customer:

  1. Technicians trained to Honda Standards maintaining the highest levels of quality
  2. Only use Honda Approved repair methods ensuring a safe repair
  3. Will always use Genuine Honda Parts and paint
  4. Will ensure that you are kept informed during the repair process
  5. Following the repair of your vehicle, the Honda anti corrosion warranty will remain in place
  6. Will return your car to you washed and vacuumed.
  7. Unlike other bodyshops who offer a 12 month or 3-year guarantee at MG Cannon every repair, every day is happily guaranteed for life.

Which is why you should insist that your Honda is repaired only by a Honda Approved Bodyshop.

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