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MG Cannon Westbury officially receive Volkswagen Group – Paint and Body Approval

Ashley Ruddle, BSM at MG Cannon Westbury: receives sign off (after achieving Paint and Body VW Group Approval) from Mark Sherratt – Paint and Performance Manager for VWG UK.

Volkswagen Group have a number of fully accredited Paint and Body Centres throughout the UK and are pleased to announce that MG Cannon Westbury has achieved “full VW Group approval”. Simply put if an Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda or VW Commercial vehicle is involved in an accident, the best place to repair it back to manufacture standard – is MG Cannon Westbury.

To meet these criteria, when repairing VWG vehicles bespoke:

  • Tooling, Equipment
  • Staff Training
  • Paint, Parts are required.
  • Audited and inspected regularly against rigorous manufacturer standards

Therefore, MG Cannon Westbury are now in place to return any VWG vehicle back to its pre-accident condition and importantly customers will receive a VWG Guarantee, to provide peace of mind. This ensures that all repaired VWG vehicles, meet the repair standards and retain the pre-accident value of the vehicle.

Ashley added “We have invested heavily in tooling, equipment and training to meet Volkswagen Groups exacting Paint and Body standards. VWG customers are becoming increasing aware of how important it is to repair their vehicle back to manufacture standard, there are now many safety features built into these vehicles and they must be repaired correctly”

Mark Sherratt from VWG added “I am pleased for all members of staff at MG Cannon Westbury, as meeting this accreditation is not easy. The quality of work this site produces matches our requirements and should therefore provide all MG Cannon customers with confidence that they have received the correct repairs on their VWG vehicle, looking after them and their family, in the future”.

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