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How to save money when returning lease vehicle

Avoid end of car lease penalties. Be prepared for your car to be inspected for any damage that falls out of what is deemed ‘fair wear and tear’. You will be liable to pay excess damage that is found, in the form of lease-end penalty charges.

Taking the time to prepare your vehicle properly for inspection could be the difference between paying a penalty charge and not.

  •  Check the terms of your contract lease policy
  •  Be present for your vehicle inspection
  •  Ensure your vehicle’s exterior is sufficiently clean inside and out to allow a detailed inspection

Some of the most common problems that result in lease-end penalty charges include:

  •  Chips or dents to vehicle body, bumpers and trim
  •  Damage to tyres, wheel and trim damage due to kerbing
  •  Scuffs, scratches and scrapes to the paintwork
  •  Tears, burns or stains on the upholstery
  •  Cracked or scratched windows, glass, door mirrors and lamps

Before your vehicle is due back to the leasing company consider the following:

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) advise to avoid unnecessary end of contract charges that you inspect the vehicle for damage 10-12 weeks before it is due to be returned to give yourself enough time to arrange for any necessary unacceptable wear and tear repairs to be carried out.

The leasing company will inspect your vehicle in a place with good light so you should do the same to avoid missing any faults. It is also a good idea to ask a friend or colleague to help you look over the vehicle to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Paintwork, body, bumpers and trim

Repaired chips, scratches and dents are acceptable providing the work is completed to a professional standard by repairers who can provide full warranty on their work.  However obvious evidence of poor repair, such as flaking paint, preparation marks, paint contamination, rippled finish and poorly matched paint, will not be acceptable. 

Our Lifetime Guarantee

At MG Cannon, all our vehicle repair centres, technicians, equipment and procedures are manufacturer approved, which is your guarantee that you are receiving the highest level of workmanship. We guarantee to use only genuine parts, products and repair methods on your vehicle, maintaining your cars residual value and body warranty.  Unlike other bodyshops who may only offer a 12 month or 3-year guarantee at MG Cannon every repair, every day is happily guaranteed for life. 

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today for a FREE Estimate and professional advice, in addition to full accident repair we also provide small cosmetic vehicle repairs: Our Magic Centres are a cost-effective, fast repair service for minor vehicle damage. Call today and we’ll talk you through the full details of our comprehensive vehicle accident repair service.

Our Free Estimates & Professional Advice

Your vehicle will be carefully examined by a highly-trained vehicle damage assessor either onsite at one of our centres or at your home or workplace – whichever is more convenient for you. Damage will be fully assessed with photos and vehicle details taken to ensure an accurate estimate. Our estimates are FREE and comprehensive, detailing parts, materials, labour and processes. All our estimates are generated using your insurers approved system and our experienced estimators work with all insurance companies 

Looking to sell or trade in your car?

Getting your car in ‘show room’ condition is crucial to getting the maximum value available, everyday wear and tear, scratches or scuffs to your vehicles bodywork are not only unsightly, but will drive down the resale value of your vehicle.

Our expert team have many years of experience in minor bodywork repairs using specialist technology. We will give you our expert advice on repairs and the options available to you restoring your car back to its former glory in super quick time.

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