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MG Cannon in the Community - Does winning an award benefit your business?

Impressing a potential client and winning a new contract is critical, however there is a whole raft of additional benefits that an organisation can achieve through entering a credible awards scheme. Maximising visibility of your brand – The opportunity to evaluate your current business model - Increased credibility - Boost staff morale and attract new talent - Stand out from the crowd. 

Two years on, we asked Martin Simcock Head Chef at Salisbury based catering and events company ‘Bread And Flowers’ how winning their Business Award in 2015 has changed his business.

Has it changed anything for your business?

Having a third party examine how we work and point out glaring inconsistencies was really helpful and enabled us look at our business from a different perspective. What we do as a business rather than a personal pastime/reasonably successful hobby.

What did you gain from going through the Awards process?

A focus on process, targeting specific tasks to achieve specific results, all obvious when somebody else points it out to you.  Also benefited from trying to explain what we do and why in a coherent, succinct way to third parties.

Would you recommend other businesses locally to apply?

Yes, it’s definitely worth applying, the process itself is really useful in focusing thoughts, ideas and future plans. It’s great if you win and really encouraging to have a mentor coming in on a regular basis.  It means you have to disentangle yourself from the day to day and focus on how to really achieve success going forward. We all work very hard and believe in what we do, so to get recognition for that gave us an extra lift, validation that you’re doing a great job, which makes you feel good.

What’s new for your business for 2018?

Our margins have doubled, business has increased 35% and next year’s bookings are 100% up on this time last year. That’s all new. All definitely heading in the right direction, with lots of good enquiries, proposals out and confirmed jobs booked for 2018/19.

Highlights for 2018?

We’re really looking forward to welcoming our next two guest chefs in October and November this year – Romy Gill, a master chef finalist from last year, who now has her own restaurant in Bristol.  Plus, the return of Olia Hercules, who’s here to promote her new book Kaukasis: A Culinary Journey Through Georgia, Azerbaijan & Beyond. She had such a great time when she was here earlier this year, she’s back to cook again with new sensational recipes.

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