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Apprenticeships are vital for the industry

'Home Grown' talent fits our ethos.  Here at MG Cannon we firmly believe that apprenticeships are vital for the industry, as well as being an essential part of our business.

Over 10% of our productives and 8% of all staff are apprentices or trainees and we expect this to rise over the next 12 months.

We believe an MG Cannon customer is a Customer for Life, we have the same ethos for our community, our community is our Community for Life. Apprenticeships really fit in with this ethos, as they provide a wider benefit to the apprentice’s family and wider community that goes further than the direct benefit they bring to our company. It also helps to give us the diversity we believe is beneficial to our business, through the introduction of younger people with fresh ideas and lots of enthusiasm, and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing workplace.

Developing a positive relationship with the local communities where we live and work helps us all, this is why we continue to partner with local schools and UTC’s to build on our apprentice intake.

Patryk Borowicz, Panel Technician - MG Cannon Salisbury

Patryk attended Andover College for 2 years, gaining a Level 2 Diploma in Mechanics, however Patryk struggled to find full time employment in the area. Totally by chance he heard MG Cannon Salisbury were looking to take on another apprentice. We are delighted Patryk has now successfully completed his 3-year Panel Technician apprenticeship.

Last year he attended an outward-bound course organised by Volkswagen Group, held in Penrith which helped him develop key skills such as team work, planning and communication away from the Bodyshop environment. He returned a more confident person and thoroughly enjoyed meeting other apprentices from around the UK.

Patryk is a shining example of the benefits and rewards that can be reaped from an apprenticeship scheme. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, and we look forward to seeing him continue his professional growth over the next few years.

Patryk says “I’ve always had an interest in cars so the motivation and passion was already there for me. Working alongside people who have a lot of experience in the industry is a great help and I’m learning new things every day.”

Tom Topham, Apprentice - MG Cannon Salisbury

Tom has recently joined the Salisbury team, he is passionate and interested in anything to do with vehicles and engines and sees this apprenticeship as the perfect opportunity to help him achieve his dream career. He is keen to learn, is adaptable and has the courage to undertake anything that is asked of him. Working for a manufacturer approved bodyshop Tom has the opportunity to receive regular training of the highest manufacturer standards.

As part of his initial training, Tom will spend 4 weeks working within the 3 different trade disciplines; Panel, Paint & MET allowing him to learn practical skills in a real working environment, while shadowing qualified technicians so he can learn first-hand how to perform the role, with the opportunity to assist in the repair work.

Tom says “I've thoroughly enjoyed my time so far although at first I found it daunting, I am learning so much every day and being trained by some of the best in the business.”

To find out about our current vacancies and how to apply, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., HR Manager

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